About Me

I am a 26 year old highly motivated GIS Analyst that is looking to expand his horizion and excel professinoally as a Geographer.

Adaptability in Mapping

As a honest student of Geography and GIS, I know that it is sometimes nessesary to think outside the box. Sometimes we got to go beyond our comfort zone and try out new soft-ware or plug-ins that we are not very familiar with. I have experience and enough knowledge to give everything an honest try. If I am not familiar with a specific tool, I am confident that I know how to learn fast.

Web Application Development

In my studies, I have learned how to create and implement web mapping applications with an emphais on crowdsourcing information. During my college days, I created an app for both browser and Android phones that would ask users to gather data points. The App would then gather all of them into a single a single point data file for use during mapping.

My Skills

My skills revolve more around both the technical aspects of GIS and the practical research side of it. My skills are backed by multiple instances of independent research and Cartographical Projects.


Very familiar with conducting research, and extrapolating data derived from existing data. Very familiar with the ArcMap toolbox and the QGIS plug-ins.

Computer Programming

As a result of achieving a Level 1 Computer Programmer Certification. I am proficient in a variety of computer languages and competent in Web Programming. The languages that I am very confident in include Python, C#, and JavaScript.

IT Competentcy

Have extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of Computers, both relating to Software and Hardware. Very capable of following troubleshooting guides and finding out where the problem is on a malfunctioning piece of equipement.

Data Collecting

Proficient in the usage of Garmin GPS for data collection. Have transfered data waypoints into ArcMap through the DnrGPS software.

My Work

Below are Map Applications I've built over the course of my College Years. Most of them coming from Independent Research and personal projects.

My Maps

Below are a variety of differnt Maps I have created over the course of my years of study.

My Maps

These are some maps I created for fun.

Contact Me

Below are the mean from which you could contact me. I want to thank you for taking the time to read through my website and for your time.

Eliud Flores Saenz

Phone Number: 832- 562-1172 eliud1994@gmail.com